[nonprofit_text_icon box_title=”International Zeugma Film Festival” box_title_color=”#b71109″ nonprofit_title_font_weight=”400″ box_content=”Seeking to contribute to the city culture with contemporary cultural and art performances, worthily underlining the rich historical and cultural heritage of Gaziantep, Kırkayak Kültür aspires to organize an international film festival called Zeugma, famously known by Turkey as well as worldwide.
The city has its eye for the whole week every year on Zeugma Film Festival thanks to the award-winning movies of World Cinema, to the newest and classics of Turkish Cinema, new discoveries and master pieces, panel discussions with the attendance of directors and actors.
Zeugma International Film Festival aims at turning the city of Gaziantep into a hub where Middle Eastern and European movies meet with Turkish movies. It consists of the following sub-groups and themes:
• National and International Feature Length Movies
• Special Section for Gypsy Girl International Women Movies
• Documentaries
• Short Movies
• Accessible Films
” box_content_color=”#444444″ nonprofit_content_font_weight=”400″]