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During the years of conflict, war and violence in the Middle East, the Dom community have forced to be displaced, rather like the Roma community in Europe. The recent civil wars and conflict in the region have exposed the Dom community to violence and forced migration, even though they are not party to the conflicts. The war in Syria in particular has caused Dom communities to migrate to neighboring countries. However, the Dom people who have taken refuge in countries such as Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Turkey have faced with discrimination and exclusion. The tumultuous political and social atmosphere in the Middle East and the ongoing conflicts have made the lives of these people more difficult with each passing day. Dispossessed of their centuries-old migration areas, neighborhoods and homes, the Dom have once more been forced into a migratory way of life.

Kırkayak Kültür’s response to this crisis has been through 1) advocating Dom community’s rights both refugee and host community for 11 years 2) awareness raising to eliminate prejudices against Dom communities.

Additionally, Kırkayak Kültür leads a regional advocacy project entitled, Supporting the rights of Dom and other related minorities from Syria seeking asylum in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey”, supported by the European Union under the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights during the period, January 2017 to December 2018.

Within the context of this project, Kırkayak Kültür will implement a sub-granting program and provide small-grant supports to the civil society organizations (CSOs) from a particular target group in Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey.

This small-grants scheme aims to empower Syrian Dom groups who currently live in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey by supporting CSOs those are working with most disadvantaged groups in the target communities, i.e. children, young people and women. Another objective is the supporting empowerment of the CSOs established by Dom Community, mainly local/community based organizations, their professionals and/or volunteers who work with Dom communities in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.

Note: Application deadline has been postponed to 24.05.2018

Application Documents:




ANNEX (IV) Finance Report



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