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Center for Middle Eastern Studies

It aims to conduct amateur and academic studies on the humanistic problems, which the political and social developments in the Middle East geography cause, along with the existing languages, religions, nations, cultures, and to present these studies to the attention of the public on the national and international level through various tools.
It organizes the exhibitions, concerts, conferences, festivals, workshop studies, art activities and social projects at home and abroad on the subjects, which bear on the society imminently, such as the human rights regarding the immigrants and asylum seekers coming the Middle East, education, gender, health, family, science, art, culture, history, sports, movie, theatre, and it conducts joint studies and study cooperation with the institutions, which work in this sphere. It organizes the art activities, exhibitions, panels, festivals, meetings and projects about the Middle East.
It maintains studies such as examining, searching, accomplishing results, writing and reporting scientifically about the subjects and concepts with the components of the human rights, education, gender of the risked and disadvantaged societies such the immigrants, asylum seekers, women and the children, and it gives education in these spheres, performs right-based advocacy studies.

Kırkayak Kültür; after refugee crisis, due to conflicts in Syria, started right based activities and studies for Syrian refugees who had ran away from war and conflicts. Kırkayak Kültür; tries to base “Works with migrants and refugees” which are developed from “right to asylum is a human right” upon philosophical works ranging from Kant to Derrida and content of hospitality, cosmopolitism, and the rights of others. With all the projects and activities categorized under “Works with migrant and refugees”, Kırkayak Kültür; attempts to form a philosophical basis for asylum and immigration and to open the transformations of citizenship pivoted around Syrian refugees up for discussion.

In Right based Works with Migrants and Refugees Kırkayak Kültür; aims to support learning process of people from Syria and Turkey how to live together, and conducts “communal harmony” oriented activities. Activities are carried out in two ways;

Kırkayak Art Center is working with artist from Syria collectively, and organizing activities and exhibitions to get their works reach to both communities and get the artists from both countries together with artist and art-lovers in national and worldwide platforms. In this context, Kırkayak Art Center organizes film festivals, movie screenings, photograph and painting exhibitions, theater performance and various culture-art activities and offers artists “an open space”.